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You may have noticed a few changes on the site and social media channels as well.

After much deliberation and reassessment of my goals with this site, I have made the decision to rename and re-brand the site to GadgetSyrup.

Why you ask?

Well, first, I already owned the domain. So it wasn't a hard process from that perspective.

Second, and possibly most important, I felt that the site, by name, was too restricted. By operating under the name Mobile Canuck, I was limiting the scope of the site to mobile tech only.

While mobile tech will still be a primary focus of the site, the new name allows me to delve into something that I have developed a very passionate obsession for; gadgets! Other tech, like gaming and apps, along with AI & robotics are also becoming a major interest point. So again, I didn't want to limit the site based on its name.

Hopefully this all makes sense, and I appreciate those who read the site regularly. Thank you so much!

Now, back to business. With the name changes complete, redirects in place, and new logos across all channels, I can focus on delivering news and reviews and all of those super fun and geek gadgets that I have been focusing on!