Meet Zenbo, a robot from Asus to help you around the home.

It is pretty much all but guaranteed that robots are soon going to be playing a major role in our day to days lives. I do not think many in the tech world today will argue that.

I am firmly in the camp that if robots can become a helpful part of my daily routine, by doing menial tasks, alerting me of important notifications and reminders via voice output and things of that nature, bring it on. There have already been great strides with AI in the form of Amazon's Alexa and Google's upcoming Google Home device, with the logical next step being a functional robot that roams around the house.

Seems like a great future if you ask me. I am not saying I want a robot to take over running the household for me, but if it can supplant some of those task, again, bring it on.

Then I woke up this morning to ASUS' news out of Computex 2016 and their introduction of "Zenbo".


Meet Zenbo

Isn't he great?

Sure in a creepy, needy, stalker robot kind of way, sure, he is great.

The intro video from ASUS, trying to show off some of Zenbo's utility doesn’t make this little AI any less creepy as far as I am concerned.

In all seriousness though I think the forward momentum with bots and AI will continue to improve with each iteration, eventually leading us to something exceptionally useful and worth the investment.

What do you think? Is Zenbo a little too creepy to invite intro your home, or does he offer enough utility to justify the investment to help augment your you routine?

Let me know what you think down below.