Anki X-52 ICE Supertuck Review

Anki X-52 ICE Supertuck Review


Late last year I had the opportunity to review the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit. You can check that out here.

We had so much fun in the GadgetSyrup office testing this AI-powered racing game using the in-box cars 'Skull" and "Ground Shock."

Imagine your Hot Wheels track from your childhood, but on steroids!

The in-box cars that ship with the starter kit are a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but recently we got our hands on the limited edition Supertruck; X-52 ICE. Adding this rig to mix changed the game entirely.

Meet Supertruck X-52 ICE - Big, mean and savage, X52 ICE hits hard and takes no prisoners!

Supertrucks are absolute monsters on the Overdrive track. They are about three times the length of their Supercar counterparts and double the weight.

Supertrucks however, are considerably slower than the Supercars they will be racing against but they pack a lot more power. They can gain a sort of speed boost over time though. Over time, the longer you keep your Supertruck running without being disabled your "rage" meter will build up. When it reaches maximum rage you can unleash a furious burst of speed and run pretty much anything in your path off the track.

So. Much. Rage.

There are a two other Supertrucks in the Overdrive line up. First up is Freewheel a sleek looking green truck. Next is X-52, who like the ICE edition, is a mean looking rig with an angry black and red paint job. Both pack their own set of powerful weapons capable of wiping out competing commanders.

What differentiates ICE from his other X-52 Supertruck sibling? An exclusive weapon known as Shedder, along with a beautiful blue and white paint job.



"Deployed behind the truck to detonate, causing damage and swerving of cars."



"Causes damage and swerving of cars around the truck by shooting out a radial shockwave. Tap button firing style."


"Force field in front of Rig. Cars are pushed off track when in contact with the field."

I have spent a lot of time racing as Skull or Groundshock, the in-box Supercars, against my son, who always elects to command ICE. No matter what tactics I use in battle, he and X-52 ICE always manage to come out on top! 

Where to buy?

Anki Overdrive and all related accessories can be purchased from, Amazon, Toys 'R' Us and Indigo bookstores. However, X-52 ICE is exclusive in Canada to only and Indigo.

If you want to learn more about the exciting things Anki is up to with Overdrive and Cozmo, their AI-powered robot head over to  Be sure to check out my Overdrive Starter Kit review, too!

Welcome to Canada, Cozmo!

Welcome to Canada, Cozmo!

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